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There was a girl named Danielle who dreamed of adventure.

My journey to get to this place is anything but ordinary.

Growing up, I always felt a strong pull to magic and nature. I collected shells, rocks, and loved to play outside. When the weather was just warm enough you could find me swimming in my family pool pretending I was a mermaid exploring the depths of the ocean. I didn’t know then, but I am a Pisces water baby through and through.

Things got a little messy when I got older. I lost the innocence of childhood play and replaced it with feeling overwhelmed about all the things. 

I felt so uncomfortable in my body. I wanted to look like the girls at school who all had boys crushing on them all the time. I wanted to shop for clothes and enjoy the experience.

I felt like the black sheep of my family and with my friends.

My laugh was too loud, my emotions were too raw, and my stories were too long.

So I did what any pre-teen girl would do when they felt this way: I turned to the magazines and books that told me if I “just cut out these foods and ate this way” I would be happy and lose weight.

I was 11 years old when I started my first diet and I spent the next 15 years struggling with my body bouncing from diet to diet, meal plan to meal plan, exercise program to exercise program.

For most of my life, I have struggled with feeling like I didn’t fit in and feeling a deep shame about how my body is shaped.

I had no idea then, but the signs that I was an empath were so clear: 

+ Deeply feeling for those in my life. When they were in pain, I was in pain. When they were excited, I was excited.

+ Feeling deep in my gut when something was off or something was right. I spent many years working as an accountant trying to figure out why I felt sick going into work every day…..

+ Feeling exhausted all the time, especially after spending time with someone who was going through drama.

+ Feeling overwhelmed and anxious to the point that I needed to leave the room to get relief.

+ Using substances (food, alcohol, etc) to numb the overload of energy I was absorbing from all of those around me.

My life as an Empath was miserable before I learned how to harness my intuitive superpowers to help connect my body, mind, and soul together. I lived in a constant state of overwhelm and stress. I hated looking at my body, and I felt so uncomfortable moving through my job and life at home. I was afraid to move out of the place I was in because I had been hopeful about making changes in the past and I always let myself down. I stopped dreaming and started maintaining my life so I wouldn’t have to experience the pain I felt when I came up short. 

I frequently thought I would never get it right. I often looked at my friends, coworkers, and family wondering how they could handle everything. I could barely handle the mundane tasks without feeling exhausted, frustrated, and deeply overwhelmed. How could I tackle the work to shift towards a life of feeling satisfied and empowered if I couldn’t even finish the dishes on a regular basis or make it to work on time every day?

I spent so much of my life feeling lost and suffering in solitude while I tried to figure out how to be in a world with so much shit going on all the time. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world with me in every step I took.

Everything started to click when I discovered I am an Empath and my sensitivity was the superpower I could use to transform my life into something I thought I didn’t deserve. 

I learned my exhaustion was due in part to feeling everyone’s experiences in my body and seeing straight to the point of what they needed. I didn’t understand the importance of boundaries then, so I absorbed people’s shit. All the time.

I learned my fear of food was born from growing up in a culture that says food makes you fat so you have to control it to be happy with your body. I discovered the intense resistance I felt when attempting typical health & fitness programs was my intuition, not fear. 

The pit in my stomach wasn’t there because I was afraid of failing at another controlling, restrictive, intense 30-day program. It was there as a signal telling me my body, mind, and soul can’t follow through on a plan that someone else makes for it.

It was a signal that I had to start trusting myself.

This state of being has not come without work.

Oh, the work. Yes, Friend. The INNER work.

If we continue to stay comfy in the same patterns keeping us from the life we desire, we will stay where we are now.

This path is not easy, but it is so worth it. Connecting back to yourself after being cut off for so long can feel icky. That’s why I’m here to help you!

See, all that matters is right here, right now.

Taking an empowering step forward changes your reality – in as little time as it takes to pick up your foot, move it forward and then down.

It’s not a secret hack only I know. It’s not some gimmick or wild goose chase leaving you just on the cusp of “figuring it all out!”

It starts and ends with you and the magical power of intuition you have inside just by existing as an Empath.

I help guide Empaths on a journey towards self-discovery and feeling empowered in their bodies because I know empaths. I know the struggle of feeling overwhelmed with the most mundane tasks because the emotional chat I had with my friend left me exhausted. I know the struggle of feeling so boxed in and lost at the same time because my pants felt too tight but I was using food to cope with how stressed and tired I was. 

I know the struggle of feeling everything so deeply and having anxiety spike over and over because my coworker was outwardly upset about the amount of work she had to get done.

I know the struggle of being anxious just thinking about making any improvement in my life because I was tired of feeling guilt and shame for not following through. AGAIN.

As I discovered I was an Empath and learned how my intuitive superpowers materialized, I became more sensitive in many ways.

This has helped me become a happily functioning Empath in the world:

  • My manifesting powers are effortless.
  • My boundaries are strong and aligned with my higher purpose.
  • Movement brings me joy and is no longer a punishment for eating that cookie
  • Food is not my enemy and what I use to help nourish my body (among many other things!)
  • My body feels secure and grounded in appreciation and love, and I feel connected to it every single day.

I’m here on this planet, right now, to help guide other Empaths on their journey toward living aligned, body + mind + soul and feeling empowered in their bodies.

I am so grateful that you are here to witness and be part of the community I’m building for Empaths to live aligned, feel grounded and empowered in their bodies, and saying a big FUCK YOU to the diet culture that keeps us disconnected from our intuitive superpowers.

If you’re open to it, I would love to invite you to the Mermaid Goddess Club where you’ll get magic in the form of an email sent right to your inbox. 

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Do you want to work with me? Go here to read more about what I’m offering now. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope it has given you what you’re looking for. 

And as the story goes……

Because the truth is, the power to shift and transform was always inside her.

She just needed the right tools to harness it.