Learn magical tools you can use right now to shift from overwhelmed and panicked to confident and empowered!

In this 5 Day email course, you’ll learn practical tools mixed with magical energy to help you shift from overwhelmed to empowered.

I’ll be your guide every step of the way and you’ll have access to the free Facebook Community dedicated to helping you as you work through each day’s meditation and journaling activities.

A quick note: this is not a replacement for the incredible work a mental health practitioner can provide you. I am not a licensed therapist and therefore cannot diagnose or treat you. If you feel you need support from a therapist or other mental health professional, please seek that out. I can help you find one in your area if needed.

Therapy rocks. Supporting your mental health is so important!

This course is for those empaths and energy sensitive individuals already on the path towards their own healing. The work you do in the 5-day course will help you unearth where you’re blocking yourself from reaching a state of empowerment and peace. I will guide you through the process and provide the tools that have helped me and my clients, but this work will take your commitment to spend time with yourself each day.

I will be there to hold space for you as you make this journey.

I will support you as you go inward and look deep into the ways you’re letting the limiting beliefs and emotions run rampant.

I will help guide you to create your own personal practice with the tools you learn in the course so you can carry this on (foreva- eva, friend!)

Here are the details and a sneak peek of the materials you’ll receive: